Why You Need A Rug Pad For Your Hardwood Floor

If you have area rugs sitting on a hardwood floor, then you need a rug pad. A rug pad for hardwood floor can add comfort and protection, as well as prevent the area rug from slipping. Every rug that is used should have a rug pad under it. The right rug pad for hardwood will prove to add years of life to your floors.

Ultra Premium is an excellent felt and rubber rug pad safe for all hardwood floors.

Ultra Premium is an excellent felt and rubber rug pad safe for all hardwood floors.

Felt rug pads are some of the finest to use on hardwood floors. The more dense the rug pad, the better it will protect your floor. So, one main reason to use a rug pad on hardwood floor is to prevent scratches and dents from happening to the floor. A dense rug pad will resist penetration to the floor and will prolong the life of your hardwood.

A rug pad adds comfort to any hardwood floor surface. Most area rugs sitting directly on hardwood will feel hard and cold. The right rug pad will cover this feeling and make your hardwood floor feel more inviting. There are thicker felt rug pads that are excellent at adding extra comfort to otherwise very hard floors.

Felt rug pads with rubber act as excellent non slip rug pads. Most hardwood floors allow your area rug to slip, so using the proper non slip rug pad will add safety to your home. For non slip material in a rug pad, choose a natural rubber, as this will not stick to or mark your hardwood floor.

Every area rug on hardwood floor needs a rug pad, yet you should take care in choosing the right rug pad that will protect and not damage your floor. Choose a quality felt rug pad that is made in the USA without any chemicals or adhesives.

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